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Meadow Voles can also be known as meadow mice, orchard mice or field mice. They are found in grassy areas which they use for tunneling and making nests. The voles usually are poor climbers so they are not often found inside your home but can on occasion get in by accident. This pest is part of the mouse family, and you can identity they by the well-defined running pathways on your lawn. They like to make shallow burrows in planting beds, and often eat flower bulbs. They also like to eat trees, roots, grains, vegetables and fruits. Newborn voles are hairless and do not grow hair until about 4-7 days after they are born.

Voles do not mate for life and often have multiple partners so each litter can have offspring from different male voles. Male voles live with several female voles at a time but due to the female aggressive behavior and ability to defend their territory, the male vole leaves once the female becomes pregnant. The female has a separate nest for the babies and take care of them alone. Mating activity occurs all year but the most popular time is March to November. Reproduction can occur every 3 weeks and each female can mate again immediately after giving birth. Voles are active during the day in the cooler months and active at night during the warmer months usually. They have been known to eat insects, Larvae, dead animals and sometimes their own offspring when grassland is not available in the winter months. Males often have a larger territory then the female vole. Call for a free inspection!

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